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Newsky foot massage cream 250ml

Newsky foot massage cream 250ml

Newsky foot massage cream 250ml bei Siam Herbs

Foot Massage Cream is lightly lubricant cream that efficiently promotes the effect of foot massage. Not only help to deodorize a bad smell from feet the cream also contains an antiseptic anti-fungus constituents.

1. Use regularty. apply particularty between the toes, sole of foot, leg and rub in lightly
2. Recommence in reflexolgy. thai massage and foot massage. To mix with Newsky foot massage oil or Watpo casumunar (plai) oil for the best result.

ครีมนวดเท้านิวสกาย (New Sky Foot Massage Cream)
นวดผิวเพื่อให้ความชุ่มชื้น โดยไม่ต้องล้างออก.

Manufacturer: Medicos Co., Ltd.
25 Soi Suthinivate Suthisan Rd.
Bangkok 10310
Made in Thailand

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Newsky foot massage cream 250ml

Lamenatt massage oil "Thai Massage Öl" Newsky product from Thailand.